We offer classes for kids as young as 3 years old in Freestyle Goju Karate Do, MMA-Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai Boran Kickboxing & Old School Boxing along with Fitness Classes and Personal Training .

Why should I join the All Stars Martial Arts Academy ?
We are family orientated academy ready to help at every level. We dont just teach martial arts, we provide students individual care and training. We mentor young minds and old ones too in and out of the dojo. We treat you like family not a number.

All Stars is a traditional Martial Arts School.
You are welcome to come in and watch a few sessions – meet our instructors learn with a wide variety of students of different ranks within your age group.

All our instructors and classes target body and mind.
The difference we offer is our class structure helps students to follow direction, develop social skills, focus,concentrate and complete tasks and develop rewarding positive behaviour giving our students powerful and lasting effects. Martial arts classes also teach anger management, verbal diffusion skills, critical thinking and problem solving in addition to practical self defence that really works. So not only do students achieve a more active and healthy body, but they benefit mentally as well.

You are welcome to watch any class at All Stars Martial Arts Academy.
We encourage parents to participate in their child’s martial arts experience and often sponsor functions to which the entire family is welcome – picnics, parties, grading days etc.

Am I too old or too young to learn Martial Arts?
Generally it is the best for children to be aged 3 before they start taking classes, or 10 years old for kickboxing . We cater for older adults from 60 + in our adult classes so they can still train without the injuries.

How long will it take to reach a Black Belt?
There is no easy way to achieve a Black Belt or Singlet. It takes learning many techniques and practicing as much as possible on your own to become proficient. Contrary to many peoples belief it takes many years to be proficient in the martial arts and a black belt is just the start in mastery of the basics.

What to Bring for your FREE Trial Class? 
For your first class you will need to wear loose comfortable clothing no shoes unless you have foot problems, a drink bottle and a training towel, gloves if you have them and a rope too.

All Stars Academy
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